2 for 2 - Clippard gets the win
For the second consecutive year the winning pitcher from the All Star Game is a National! Last year Capps, this year Clippard. Lets hope clippard doesn’t have the same fate at Capps! Here’s to a…
Can't the Matt Stair experiment end yet?
As Matt Stairs, stepped into the batters box tonight, my son, who is five, yells to me. “The Rally Killer is up!” I know that 15 years ago Matt Stairs would crush the ball for the A’s, and as all my…
Riggleman Resigns

CAPTIONBy Christopher Hanewinckel, US Presswire
Jim Riggleman managed the Washington Nationals to a walk-off victory on Thursday. Then, he walked off himself.

In a stunning turn…
Bottom of 9th comeback!
If you all didn’t have a chance to see the come from behind victory last night and the Walkoff winner by Ramos, here is the link courtesy of MLB.com/Nationals

Nationals Win Analysis - 1 June
With the Nationals playing the Phillies currently, I wanted to take a look back on the past 4 seasons and see how this compares to those seasons and see what progress is being made.

We are a third…
Laynce Nix Super Catch [GIF]

Courtesy MLB.com